Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Birthday Luncheon

Time for Tablescape Thursday!  Yay!!! I've missed a few weeks but am so looking forward to participating again!

 My birthday is in April and for the last couple of years, I've done things a bit differently.  Instead of friends & family taking me out for lunch, I like to invite them to my place.  I have lots of fun setting the table (of course!) and preparing a luncheon for them.  Thus, it is a "gift" to me when they say they'll accept my invitation.

This year, I went with a yellow, pink & green colour scheme.  (The tablecloth was a birthday gift from my daughter)

I used my Gibson "Grandiflora" dishes and my gold-en flatware tucked together in a green napkin.

I didn't have quite enough settings though so used my Royal Albert Dimity Rose china with pink napkins for the places at the ends of the table.

The wrapped gift (in coordinating colours!) at each setting served as a placecard...they were boxes of tealights.

Each guest received a different scent.

I created a spring-themed centerpiece using a mama duck and her two babies.  I placed them in a large shallow bowl with sand, pebbles and blue glass beads to represent a little pond. 

I put some fresh and faux greenery around the bottom of the bowl.

The view from the otherside of the table.
 I placed a vase of Gerbera daisies (look too pink in pic but were actually same colour as placemats) and yellow tulips on a felt butterfly placemat on each side of the centerpiece. 
 A vase with coloured beads and a floating candle fill the space in between.

Guests relaxed with a refreshing vanilla vodka punch while we waited for everyone to arrive.

I borrowed these lemon/lime glasses from my Mom.
You know how you always have the little teacups/saucers that go with dish sets but they seldom get used?
I saw this idea in a magazine and went with it.
  Our first course, was Cream of Potato Dill Soup.

Next course was Asian Sesame Salad.
 I wish I could photograph food better (or rather, I wish I could cook better-looking food!) I made Mushroom Frittata with stir-fried veggies on the side as our entree.  It tasted better than it looks!
For dessert, Raspberry Trifle. 
I did put candles on this and my Mom carried it in so the others could sing "Happy Birthday" to me!
Trifle never looks good once served but I wanted to show you that I used my purple compote dishes.
 It was a fun luncheon and even though I was the one serving, my guests made me feel special and I had a wonderful birthday!

Thanks for bearing with me through all my pics and notations!
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  1. Happy Birthday! What a lovely table you set, wonderful food you prepared, refreshing drinks...Wish I had been there. :)


  2. Happy Birthday!!!! What a fun idea. I am sure your guests were thrilled to attend such a wonderful party. Your table is just gorgeous. I love your colors and the dishes and all of our accessories are just perfect. Great food too. Hugs, Marty

  3. Happy late birthday! Your table was so pretty and cheerful with great bright colors. Love it!


  4. This looks like it was too much fun! Just love the colors, everything is very pretty!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    What a clever idea to have your friends over and do the party for them on your birthday! I like that idea a lot, and I love what you did with your table. It's so festive! I think I might have to steal this idea. :-)

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Happy Birthday, a little your fun vibrant table, especially the mama duck with the babies.

  7. Happy Birthday -- what a pretty table -- I love your colors. How special your birthday party was for all your guests -- a grand celebration for everyone!

  8. Like Wow! Your friends are some lucky ducklings! The table with all the pretty colors and china reminds me of different colors of sherbert. And the food, looks just awesome! I love this beautiful table!

  9. You made your guests very special too! Belated Happy birthday! We are born on the same month. Your table is awesome, love the ducks and the created pond....Christine

  10. What a happy table for celebrating a Happy Birthday! Love all these yummy colors and the use of different settings for each guests. Totally charming! I just finished dinner, but I could sit down and eat again looking at your beautiful food. ~ Sarah

  11. What fun to celebrate with your friends on your birthday and what a fun table! Your colors are so cheerful and all the small touches add so much. I think your food looks yummy! I love the idea of the soup in tea cups.

  12. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...
    You were cetainly a gift to your friends! What a pretty and girly table. I love the color combination and the sweetly wrapped gift at each place setting! So very thoughtful!

    And your little duck centerpiece is so creative and adorable! It really give the impression of a pond.

    This is not only a lovely table but a very thoughtful idea!

  13. Happy birthday, DD! I wish I could have been at that table! It just pops with color. What a treat for them. The food looks terrific!
    I love the ducks..I am working on one in my head..half way there!! So many ideas, so little time, LOL..
    Thanks for sharing this table with us!

  14. Such a beutiful table! I love all your little details. I so want to be invited to your next birthday! LOL You are a very gracious hostess. Anyone would be lucky to be invited to a get together at your home.

    I like to use my teaups as soup bowls as well or dessert cups.

  15. Cindy said what I was thinking: that the table reminds me of sherbert!!! And I LOVE sherbert!!! How thoughtful of you to have the party for the others AND give them each a gift! Wish I had been there too, the food looks delish! Happy belated birthday.....XO, Pinky

  16. Such a pretty table! Loved all the colors...they went together beautifully! Looked like you had a wonderful time! Hugs!

  17. I love it!! Those dishes are so yummy!!

  18. I love this idea!! What a beautiful table. I always say that time is one of the most precious assets we have because it is irreplaceable so when someone gives me their time I feel special : )
    Happy birthday.

  19. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    Who wouldnt want to be a part of this celebration.This table is awesome.I hope a good time was had by all.I am pea green with envy.(LOL)

  20. What a fun idea to prepare your own birthday luncheon for friends. Your table looks lovely and a yummy menu to be served on it.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I am always happy to discover a new fellow tablescaper to follow.

  21. Happy birthday to you. That was a great party, I am sure. And you had a really stunning idea to use the cups as soup bowls. I have to remember that. The table looks very happy and cheerful and the menue sounds yummy. I love the china, it's a pretty pattern.
    Greetings, Johanna

  22. What great ideas! I'm sure your guests all loved the candles...I know I would! Your settings are so fresh and cheerful. Cream of Potato and Dill soup sounds so yummy!

    Love your header photo too!

  23. You are very inspiring, I love the fact that you allowed others to share your birthday in a wonderful way by "serving" them. I think that is exactly what I will do in August. Your table is just precious. The colors are wonderful and the centerpiece and flowers are perfect. Thank you for a great idea and happy belated birthday!
    So glad yous topped by, please come back for another visit soon.

  24. Your table is just gorgeous. I love your colors and the dishes and all of your accessories are just perfect. Great food too.

  25. I love the centerpiece ... the blue stones for water ... so spring-y. A lovely table and the food looks delicious.

  26. My birthday is at the end of April and we are of the same mind. I would much rather have everyone here. I just adore those amber goblets. It is all so lovely. I have never used that color combination (may have to get more dishes darn it) but I am definitely inspired by your table. It is all so beautiful and 'birthday like'. What a great post.

  27. So pretty~~~ Happy Birthday too!!

    Love the bright cheery colors:))

    Smiling with a half numb face..recovering from a root canal~~~
    but joinedin the fun...with motrin in hand!

    I saw those butterflys at the dollar store..looks darling how you used them:)))

  28. This is so pretty. I love the color combinations! The food looks delicious. I am sure everyone was glad they came to this party. How nice:)

  29. What a bright and beautiful table. I love your Gibson dishes. Cute idea to serve your soup course in the cups. Your guests must have had a wonderful time helping you celebrate your birthday.

  30. The colors in your birthday tablesetting are SO great together -- and perfectly set off your beautiful dishes! LOVE the centerpiece with the ducks -- so clever to use the sand, pebbles, and blue glass that way! Your friends are blessed to have you host them on YOUR birthday!

  31. What a beautiful and cheery table you have set. Your friends must have been delighted.

    Happy Birthday!

  32. What gorgeous china (both kinds)! Love your centerpiece - like the blue marbles and the sand making it look like the ducks are in the water. Love the flowers too and this is such a colorful setting! The lemon and lime glasses are very cute and your drinks look so fancy! How nice of you to gift your guests, when this was YOUR birthday!!!

  33. I've come back here 3 times to make a comment & each time got interrupted! "Happy Birthday" a wee bit late! I love your idea of using your guests as your gifts...the whole thing appeals to me, as a house full of family & friends makes me really happy.
    Your entire table it just beautiful. I love all the bright colors & the individual gifts of tea light candles was brilliant. Who can't use more of those??

  34. It's a party!!! A pretty and cheery party with, what looks like, incredibly delicious food. I wish that I could clap my hands and have it in front of me right this moment! You must have some lovely friends - I can just tell from your table!

    Love, katy Noelle

  35. So nice to see that I am not the only one who prepare my own party to invite friends and family.

    Your table is absolutely stunning. Very cute. Love the color combo.

    We have almost the same theme colour.

    Happy TT Day.

  36. I really like your new patio furniture. We still need to buy some for our house. Enjoy all your meals outdoors.

  37. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Gibson "Grandiflora" dishware!!! It is so, so pretty. Very feminine without being at all stuffy. You did a brilliant job filling in with the Royal Albert! I'm relatively new out here in the Land of Blogs, and I'm delighted to see so many other people interested in creating beautiful tables!

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