Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Orange and Green Fall Decor on the Etagere

I have a love/hate relationship with decorating the shelves on my etagere in the living room.  It always takes me a long time to try to come up with a cohesive look and then I spend way too long tweaking each detail.  On the other hand, when finished, I find the overall view adds a lot to the decor in this space of our house.

If you've seen some previous posts of mine this fall, you'll know that I'm loving eucalyptus with fall colours.

This time, I've paired it with a lot of orange, as in these sugared faux pumpkins.

The faux eucalyptus was cut from longer stems that I got at Pier 1 - I've added it to some old spice jars in some places.

Let me take you on a shelf by shelf tour of the etagere.

Top shelf

These FALL block letters with an orange wreath behind hold center stage on this shelf.

To one side, sits this gold-toned antler decoration.

The other side consists of a gold-toned antler candleholder topped with a faux candle.

Here is the 2nd shelf

A gold-toned lantern was placed next to the center pumpkin.

A white pumpkin sits in front of a woven tray and faux antlers were added.

With Thanksgiving not far off here in Canada, I've incorporated this sign atop some wooden coasters.

The top three shelves

The 3rd shelf

Another gold-tone antler candleholder was used on this shelf to provide a cohesive look.

The same type of orange wreath as on shelf 1 was placed inside this round basket tray.

Again, to repeat the look on the other shelves, I added another white pumpkin atop a birch log piece.

An "I love Fall most of all" sign sits in the front.

The 4th/bottom shelf

A teal coloured pumpkin sitting on a riser with another round basket tray behind it, is the centerpiece on this shelf.

A "thankful" sign and another couple of pumpkins sit to the left.

Another gold-tone lantern sits to the right.

The full view

I'm happy to have the fall decor on the etagere completed.  

Time to fall-i-fy other areas in my home!

If the FALL block letters look familiar, you might remember seeing them in the post I did about my recent magazine feature - see here for that.

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  1. Very pretty!! Love the color combination!! Perfect for this Fall Season! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. You did a great job! I personally love this soft green and the pumpkin colors. The Jarrahdale pumpkins that are available now are my favorites. Happy Autumn!

  3. A visually stunning spot in your home with all the textures and colors.

  4. So soft and so pretty! Thank you for sharing your fall decor!

  5. Lori everything looks so beautiful!

  6. All that tweaking paid off, this is gorgeous! Congrats on the magazine feature!


  7. Your etagere is stunning dear friend. You have the most amazing things for every season and you are so talented at the time to put it all together.
    Congrats on the magazine feature, you most certainly deserve it !

  8. Oh, your shelves look amazing, Lori...And I'm with you. Decorating my open shelves is one of the hardest things for me, yet when I'm done tweaking and primping... I LOVE them!


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