Monday, March 9, 2020

Let's Partea! Garden Tea Party For 1st Birthday

It's been awhile since my last post but I was busy preparing for my granddaughter, Harper's first birthday party.  I was so fortunate in that I was able to host it here and got all the fun of decorating for it.  So I thought I'd share with you some of the party details I came up with along with some pics from the special event.

Harper's mom (my daughter, Ashley) and I decided on a garden tea party theme with "Let's Partea!" as the slogan.

Here is the final layout of the dining room decorations but I'll take you on a step by step tour.

I started with the sideboard area in the dining room.

I draped the existing mirror with sheer fabric and made this "Let's Partea" banner to hang in front of it. Then I added string lights for a bit of sparkle.

Teapots were used throughout the decor...

...and these little tealight holders by Partylite that I've had for years were perfect!

In keeping with the garden party theme, I used lots of faux florals.

Pretty dishes await the upcoming desserts.

On the dining room table, I placed a pink tablecloth, a white battenburg topper and a teapot centerpiece.

My wedding china teapot & teacup along with a decorative birdcage were placed on top of a wooden crate as a centerpiece.

I printed this image and put in a plastic frame. This was also the design used for the invitations to the birthday party.

The view from the other side of the centerpiece.

In this corner of the dining room, I placed a picture board of Harper's month-by-month photos that her mom had taken throughout her 1st year.

I printed off all of the pics on the computer...

...and added these month cupcake signs which I also printed on the computer.

In the living room, the fireplace got a few decorations as well.

I made this Happy Birthday Banner for below the mantel.

Inside the wreath on this mirror above, I placed a print-out of the same teapot image we used for the invitations to the party.

In this corner by the fireplace, I added a bit more decor.

I wrapped three boxes with white paper and printed the O N E letters on the computer to glue on the front of the boxes.  Then I tied them with pink ribbon.  I set the boxes on glass blocks to give them some height.

As guests arrived, they were greeted at the front door with some balloons...

...and another wreath with a "Happy Birthday Harper" sign.

A tea party MUST have little tea sandwiches and my mom, Ashley and I prepared an assortment.

Guests helped themselves which made serving easy.

In addition to the tea sandwiches, I prepared a pasta-veggie salad and placed it in little appetizer bowls with forks seen here on this tiered tray.

Desserts were set on the sideboard and included cupcakes from a local bakery as well as squares and a lemon-chocolate trifle prepared by my mom.

In keeping with the theme, I arranged little teapots in among the cupcakes.

They were the just the right size to fit on the tiered tray!

My mom created the perfect topping for the trifle with little teddy graham crackers and marshmallow flowers - how appropriate for a 1 year old's garden tea party!  Not only did it look terrific, it was delicious!

Drinks were set up on the kitchen sideboard so guests could help themselves there as well.

Of course, there must be tea! My mom's wedding china was called into service for this special event and set on the kitchen island in a tray.

It is called "Silver Birch" by Royal Albert and is so pretty!

The guest of honour appreciated all our efforts and was a good girl despite deciding she was too excited to nap prior to the event.

Mommy and Daddy help Harper blow out her candle. 

My mom gave Harper this wonderful little chair for her birthday the day prior... we used it as the guest of honour's seat to open her presents at the party.

Of course, she didn't sit there for long and wanted some help opening her many gifts.

Harper was so good visting with lots of her guests... "Grandma" (her dad's mom)

... and "Gramps" (my dad)

...and "Auntie Wendy" who helped her operate her new car.

I was happy to get my hands on her too!

Of course, she is always glad to be with Mommy...

...and Daddy!

The little family

Four generations of firstborn females with my mom, me, Ashley and Harper.

As my first grandchild, this little girl is extra special to me and I was so happy to be able to host her 1st birthday party here!
Mimi loves you so much Harper!

I'm looking forward to all the birthdays ahead, seeing Harper grow and all that she will become!

In my next post, I'll share some tips I learned during the DIY Cake Smash Photo Shoot my daughter and I did with Harper.

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  1. One of the many things I love about your talents is that you care about the details. You may not even know it! Like covering up a mirror or print in the back ground or raising the blocks with glass. I would have just said, meh, good enough. LOL! Everything is always so beautiful and full of life. Looks like Harper (and family) loved her party. Seriously fantastic!

  2. What a beautiful family!

  3. Everything looks so sweet! What a grand birthday-tea party. Beautiful family you have. Nothing like having a tea party for the grandgirls. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Oh my golly!!!! What a beautiful birthday tea party! WOW!

    I wish I'd have been a guest there at that perfectly lovely day.

    Harper is beautiful like her pretty mommy and grandma.

    Bless her heart. Thanks for sharing such eye candy!!

  5. Wonderful party decor, dishes, and food! So much attention all the details. The photo board is so special. I'm visiting from Tuesday Turn About.

  6. This is simply adorable! I love tea parties and Ms. Harper's was over the top! I loved the trifle and may try those flowers at some point. I may also steal your idea of the wrapped gift boxes spelling ONE. So many details! Thank you for sharing your great ideas and your beautiful family!

  7. Love the details Lori! And your granddaughter is just precious!!

  8. What a fantastic job you did. My grand (now 14) slept through most of her party. My favorite part was your 4 generation picture. We did it with my grandmother soon after my daughter was born, then we did it with my mom when Annabelle was 1. We stood in the same positions, one generation "over", and the pictures are lovely side by side! Harper sure has her Daddy's blue eyes!

  9. This is amazing so many levels!! Everything is perfect! You can tell you put so much love into this party. Beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful baby and a beautiful par-tea!

    Love it!

  11. This is amazing and beautiful, and you have such gorgeous photos to remember it by! I've featured this today at the TFT party. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. It looks like everyone really enjoyed the partea! It was so pink and full of Spring touches. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty


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