Monday, May 17, 2010

New Pitcher & Plate

Its time for the 13th Tabletop Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life. Thanks Marty, for hosting this weekly meme!
It is so much fun looking at all the little vignettes we create on various surfaces in our homes.

Here is what I currently have on my dining room table.
The bouquet is made up of the "best" of some not-so-fresh blooms from Mother's Day.
I recently purchased the pitcher and matching plate at a Safeway grocery store for half price, $4 for the pitcher and $1.50 for the plate.

My daughter gave me 4 of these terrific floral shaped bowls for Mother's Day. (Pier 1) 
I just love them!

My son gave me this wonderful book Southern Lady "Gracious Spaces" by Phyllis Hoffman.

 It has lots of terrific tablescapes and ideas for creating vignettes. So many pictures to savour!
I couldn't decide whether these white coloured birds look best or....
 These cream coloured ones....
 Which pair do you prefer?
Be sure to head on over to A Stroll Thru Life now for some wonderful vignette inspiration.


  1. Beautiful table girl I love the white birds and the yellow roses awesome job with your display my friend...Hi-5 to you...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Great job on your table, I love all the birds, it would be a very hard decision for me to make. Love the color of those dishes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh I love those dishes and pitcher. The white birds look fantastic with this to me! Love the mothers day gifts too, especially that wonderful book.

  4. What a pretty vignette! Great deal on the plate and pitcher. They are lovely! I like both pair of birds....Christine

  5. Love the paisley patterned pitcher and plate! And those roses look so sweet nestled in the white flower bowl from your daughter -- darling! I vote for the cream-colored birds.

  6. Wonderful table and I don't have that book. I may have to order that one. Thanks for sharing and coming by.

  7. Hi DD! I can't believe those are from Safeway!! I love that pattern! I love the roses in the flower bowl, that looks wonderful! I think I like the white birds over the cream ones.

  8. I love the plate and pitcher. Beautiful vignette.

  9. Oh, I love your plate and pitcher. They are both gorgeous and your lily bowls are just stunning. I have some of these and what a fabulous thing they are to decorate with. I like both of the birds. This is really a beautiful table vignette. So pretty. The book sounds wonderful. That is one I will have to look for. I am always trying to find some good ideas. This is really gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  10. Lovin' the cream colored birds. The roses in the floral bowl are just amazing, in fact the photo of the roses and bowl is altogether amazing. Very pretty!

  11. Oh, so pretty! I am loving those dishes and I have to weigh in on the birds...although I like both, I think I prefer the cream ones best :)


  12. Those little flower bowls are wonderful, and that book looks wonderful too. Can't believe that plate and pitcher came from the grocery and at that price! Either set of birds looks pretty, but the cream colored ones seem to give the scape more personality. Your M.D. flowers still look good to me. laurie

  13. Oh I love your dishes! Be blessed. Cindy

  14. AnonymousMay 18, 2010

    What a lovely vignette! I love your pretty flowers and the plate and pitcher are darling! I like both sets of birds and the little rose bowls are perfect. Now I've got to get that book. It looks wonderful.
    I've just became a follower of yours and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Hi DD,
    Great buy and love your gifts.
    Hard to tell the diff in bird color on my screen..or maybe it's my eyes! :)
    Really love the shape of the pitcher and your new bowls!

  16. Safeway sure has some cute plates and pitchers. Like your new bowls too. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I like the cream colored ones the best. Fabulous new dishes!! Please come and link up to my centerpice Wednesday party going on today. You set amazing tables!! Would love for you to share your ideas with us.

  18. I think I'll have to vote for the creamier ones. I saw these fabulous dishes at Pier 1 and SHOULD have bought them. I'm glad you did. They are just lovely!!! And Phyllis Hoffman's books are such a treat. What a thoughtful gift from an apparently VERY attentive son!


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