Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Inspiration for Decorating an Easter Brunch Buffet

 Will you be hosting an Easter brunch this year? When I serve this type of meal, I like to make it a buffet where guests help themselves. So instead of setting the table, I create a backdrop to the buffet.

Right now, I'm just planning out what decor and dishes I might use and thought I'd share some ideas with you.  

Fresh or faux florals make the perfect backdrop to a buffet. You can add height to them by setting them on a riser. 

If you don't have Easter themed dishes, you can use plates in a coordinating colour.

It adds interest if you place little wreaths or other decorative touches such as Easter eggs in various places throughout the buffet.

And of course, the more bunnies, the merrier!

This little guy is keeping out of the way.

Bunny-ear napkin rings on cloth napkins and egg cups continue the theme.

Now that I have determined my colour scheme and planned out some ideas for the dishware and decor I will use, when Easter Day arrives, I'll be ready to set this up on my dining room table as a backdrop and put the food items in front.

Now to work on the menu!

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