Friday, July 22, 2022

Summer Citrus Themed Tablescape

 Hi friends!  I hope you've been having a terrific summer so far! We've been busy visiting family and enjoying some nice weather which was late in arriving this season.

 I wanted to share this summer citrus themed tablescape I put together for a recent gathering. 

My inspiration began with these beautiful lemon print dishes by Bico Ceramics.

 The pattern is so pretty! The salad plate has a light green background and the dinner plate has the pattern around the edge.

 I used the matching bowls in a coordinating centerpiece set on top of a wood riser.

I filled each bowl with a small green wreath, an orange, lime and lemon along with an acrylic napkin ring tucked in.

Yellow candles in gold holders were placed in the spaces between the bowls.

Long garlands of faux greenery were arranged under the wood riser going lengthwise and across the table. 

Additional fruit was placed in various spots on the table along the riser.

The place settings began with an orange placemat topped with a white charger.

And then came the beautiful lemon print dinner plate and salad plate.

I used my gold flatware to add a bit of shine to the table.

 My mom lent me her lemon-lime stemware which coordinated perfectly.

The matching pitcher holds some refreshing lemonade.

An orange and a green napkin were combined in a lemon napkin ring holder with the fork placed inside.

I created lemon placecards and tucked them into little dishes which could easily be set to the side of the plate.

A pale green tablecloth and olive green runners provide additional layers to the table and create a more subdued backdrop to the vibrant fruit.

I added string lights to the centerpiece for a bit of sparkle and they created extra ambiance as the evening wore on.

The candlelight provided a cozy glow to the table as we lingered.

If you are interested, these dishes are available on Amazon in the US and in Canada. The pattern is called "Lemon Dreams" by Bico Ceramics and they are sold separately or as a set.

Have you done much entertaining this summer?

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for your sweet compliment Rita! ~ Lori

  2. Love, love, love it. Gorgeous! Fabulous Job!

    1. I really appreciate your kind words Rebecca! Thanks so much! ~ Lori

  3. So lovely! I'm wondering where you put the food. Do you have a side table and you then pass each dish around the table, or do you keep the food in the kitchen buffet style and everyone gets their own plate and then goes to the table?

    1. Hi Janine, thanks for your kind compliment. Your question is the one I get asked the most and you've answered it exactly right in your second option. I always set up the food on the kitchen island buffet style. Everyone takes their plate from the table, helps themselves to the food and then sits back down. I find it works a lot better than passing food around the table and of course, allows for a larger centerpiece for all to enjoy. LOL ~ Lori

  4. The citrus theme is delightful!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet compliment Michele! I really appreciate it! ~ Lori

  5. WOW! You did it again. Your table is a piece of art. So gorgeous and one of my favorite theme: lemons. Not much entertaining here as it's so hot. Thank you for sharing your beauty in times like these.

    1. I appreciate your kind compliments and remarks Yvonne! Thanks so much! Sorry to hear it is so hot there. We're finally having a stretch of warm weather here but I hope it doesn't turn too hot and continue with no rain like it did last year. ~ Lori

  6. Gorgeous table setting! I'm featuring you at the #HomeMattersParty this week. Starts Thursday 9pm (est) thru Monday. Hope to see you drop by!

    1. Oh so exciting! Thanks so much Allyson for the feature! I'm very honoured! ~ Lori


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