Monday, May 31, 2021

Lilacs and Butterflies Tea Party for Two

 We are currently enjoying lilac season around here and I thought it would be fun to set an afternoon tea party table in celebration of this wonderful flower.

 This striped Turkish beach towel turned tablecloth (from Dollar Store) provided the perfect backdrop.

 I had these purple metal butterflies on hand so added them to the theme for the table decor.

Lemon tea seemed like a good choice.

Creamy lemon yogurt was served in purple compote dishes.

 A single lilac bloom added a delicate embellishment.

Here's an overhead view of a place setting with some baked treats in nearby reach.

 Butter tarts, shortbread and chocolate chip cookies along with chocolate bark were all wonderfully provided by my mom who is an excellent baker. (I did not inherit that gene!)

By now, you might have noticed that my lilac arrangement is faux. While I love lilacs, I have a hard time arranging them so prefer this option for indoors.

Of course, with the faux version, there is none of the amazing lilac scent... I am very thankful to have discovered this "Lilac Blooms" scented candle by Homestead Candle Company.

It smells just like fresh lilacs but isn't overpowering - perfect for an afternoon tea table.

Other decor on the table included this purple ceramic watering can that I filled with spoons and a white napkin.

You will have noticed a few birdies on the table as well and this one is resting in his cage.

Tealights were also placed in a few spots to add some ambiance.

Lilacs have such a short season which might be part of what makes them so special. It was fun to set a tea table and celebrate their beauty while they're still around.

Here is a look at a lilac vignette I created while setting out the items I used for this tea tablescape.

Are you a fan of lilacs?

How about tea parties?

 Thanks for visiting!

Faux Lilacs - Home Hardware decor section years ago
Lilac Blooms Scented Candle - Homestead Candle Company (here)
Striped tablecloth - Turkish beach towel from Dollar Store last year
Purple Compote Dishes - Second hand store years ago
Purple Watering Can - a gift 
Everything Else I've had for a long time


  1. Simply Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the lilac theme and colors - so beautiful!

  3. Very lovely! I love lilacs because they remind me of my mother, who was from Rochester originally. But I have to admit, the fragrance is a bot heady for my liking. So faux is perfect. It's hard to even tell when looking at your photos, Lori.

  4. Oh, I'm definitely a fan of lilacs! I miss seeing and catching their scent in everyone's garden. Unfortunately they won't grow here so I will make do with artificial ones. The lilac-themed table is delightful and would be a perfect spot to enjoy tea and goodies!

  5. YES! I love lilacs AND tea parties - you've made the best of both worlds here, and your table is SO lovely! I also love your faux lilacs. These are such pretty ones, and the candle is the perfect idea to make the setting complete. Thanks for the inspiration Lori!

  6. I adore lilacs and enjoy tea parties. Your styling is lovely.

  7. Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma's house we go link party. This is SO gorgeous I'm featuring you this week!

  8. Everything is so pretty! I really love that purple watering can and the birdcage.

  9. Lori, I love your lilacs and your beautiful table. What an inspiration! Your metal butterflies are The perfect out of touch. I am featuring you this week on Shoestring Elegance’s Thursday favorite things party! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  10. The colors of this table are beautiful. I want to come over and have tea too. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  11. This is so beautiful! I do love lilacs and still have some blooming in my garden!


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