Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Elephant Themed Baby Shower

This past weekend was a fun time around here as we welcomed my new granddaughter, Harper with a baby shower. I hosted the event at our house when my daughter, son-in-law and little Harper were home for Easter. 

It was tempting to use "bunnies" for decor because it was so close to Easter but instead, I went with an elephant theme because that's how my daughter decorated Harper's nursery plus both she and her husband love the colour gray...and gray looks wonderful with pink!

I started by sending out some elephant themed invitations.

I ordered this mom & baby set of stuffed elephants on Amazon a few months back knowing I'd use them for a centerpiece. I set them on top of a box covered with a pink baby blanket.

I added a pink hair bow to each elephant.

I placed the elephants beside a faux floral bouquet I put together with a "Baby Girl" balloon on top.

These two vintage elephant candleholders belonged to my husband's parents and since they are no longer with us, it was special to use them on the table at Harper's shower.

The "centerpiece" was actually placed at the far end of the table so there was lots of room for the food.

The menu for the shower consisted of finger sandwiches (by me) and dessert squares (by my mom)... these fabulous springtime lemon parfaits my mom made!

Not only were they so pretty, they were delicious as well!

I used serving trays in different heights to provide more interest to the table.

I opted to provide both paper plates (with an elephant theme) as well as my own luncheon plates in pink and white. 

A drink station was set up in the kitchen where everyone helped themselves to a beverage of choice.

I made a name banner for Harper and strung battery-operated mini-lights along it. Some dollar store decorations were pinned on each end.

My drink dispensers held a vodka punch and a non-alcoholic punch. White wine was kept on ice in this pink bucket and red wine was placed beside it.

Stemware was arranged beside the drinks. Different charms on the bottom of each glass helped guests remember which one was theirs.

Harper loaned me some stuffed elephants from her nursery at home and I fancied them up with some pink bows.

Drink napkins (elephant themed) from the Dollar Store were set on the end of the buffet.

A pink & white wreath was placed behind the HARPER banner inside the round wall art that usually hangs there.

In the living room, I made another name banner for the fireplace mantel.

In between the letters, I hung little pink baby socks as if on a clothesline.

Another elephant with a pink bow sits atop the mantel.

A picture of the guest of honour sits front and center with little baby socks on each side.

Pink and white faux blossoms were placed on each side of the mirror.

In keeping with the elephant theme, I put together this guessing game for the guests at the shower.

The guest of honour was so well behaved during the entire event.

Everyone was able to get their snuggles in with her.

Lots of aunties got to hold her...

...and of course, her Great "Granny" (my mom) did too!

Harper did get a moment to herself though! LOL

Mommy and Daddy were busy opening all the wonderful presents for her.

And there were a lot of them!

This "Mimi"and ...

...this "Grandma" were pretty happy to spend time with their children and their new granddaughter. 

The little family has gone back home now but we can't wait till we get to see them all again!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some elephant-themed shower decor and a look at a very special new person in my life.

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  1. Oh my goodness you thought of so many wonderful accents for this party and the food look absolutely fabulous! Those lemon parfaits!! Love the elephant theme! Harper is precious and I love that you did the shower after the baby was born. What a neat idea- that way everybody knows for sure the sex and they get to see the baby too!

  2. Harper is beautiful! What a true blessing from God. Shower looks amazing. So sweet. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Beautiful decor! I love every picture.

  4. I like the grey and pink too and the elephants are a very cute theme. Wow, you got pics of Harper with her beautiful eyes open! Newborns are usually asleep for all the picture fun.

  5. Totally adorable and super cute theme! I love the peanut jar! Congratulations, Harper is beautiful!

  6. Just lovely, Lori! The elephant theme was perfect for the shower. Congrats and your new grandbaby. Aren't they amazing?! (On a side note... I want that cabinet in your kitchen... the one for the drink station. LOVE!)


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