Thursday, May 17, 2018

Backyard Garden Party Tablescape

This past week, I had a phone call from a client who asked that I design a tablescape for a backyard garden party she had decided to throw - with 3 days' notice.  Always up for a tablescape challenge, my mind spinning with ideas, I got to work play putting together a mock set up in my backyard. 

Though there was a time crunch, I did manage to snap a few pics to share with you. Here's a look at what I came up with.

The only direction I was given was for the decor to have a spring garden feel to it.

I already had some realistic faux greenery (Michael's) which I paired with faux florals (HomeSense).

I placed them in these lacy white tin pots that I've had for years (Ikea).

Tiny white fairy lights were woven throughout the greenery and the battery pack was put in the bottom of the metal pot.

Although hard to see in the daylight, the little lights will add a lovely glow to the table as it gets darker.

I added 3 of these green lanterns which coordinated well with the green and white checked tablecloths I used.

Because my client said she had a round table that had to be used, I added one to the end of the rectangular tables.

She was expecting 18 guests so it's always a challenge to accommodate everyone at one long table.

Alternating cloth napkins in yellow, green and white helped add more colour to the place settings.

My client was going to use her own white plates but asked for chargers so I put out some gold ones.

I included some napkin embellishments in the form of little faux greenery pieces.  It's not shown but I later tied 2 pieces of greenery together with a twine bow to add a bit more weight to them.

Once I was satisfied with the look of the tablescape, I sent some pics to my client.  Fortunately, she loved it so I packed everything up and delivered it to her place.

I like to imagine her guests enjoying her delicious cooking while gathered around the tablescape I put together.

 This was so fun to do! Tablescaping is always enjoyable but getting a paying gig is fantastic! :)

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your decor. I don't do table scapes, but I love seeing what you do. Especially with your etagere. I have one also and am at a loss as to how to style it.

    I have so many questions. Where do you store so much decor?
    Do you shop with a specific theme in mind or just pick things up you like as you see them?
    Do you pay full price or do you only buy on sale or clearance?
    How do you come up with your ideas? I have no imagination what so ever, so must see a picture to create something beautiful.

    Do you cook for you guests or have it catered or maybe pot luck?
    Is it always the same guests?
    If I remember correctly you live a little out of the way, guests don't mind the drive?

    Where do you shop for all your gorgeous decor?

    Sorry for all the questions. I am just so excited by your decor.


    1. Hi April,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! I always love to hear that I’ve inspired my readers. I’ll try to answer your questions below.

      My husband built me a bunch of shelves in our basement which help to store all my items and allow for easy access when I decorate. I tend to buy things as I see them and they can be anywhere from thrift store to pier one though I do try to stay within my budget. My ideas can come from anywhere – online or a store display or something that just popped into my head. Not all my tablescapes are for actual eating but when we do have guests , both my husband and I cook. We live in a small town in British Columbia Canada but our guests are local and don’t have to drive too far to come to our house for dinner.

      I hope that answers some of your questions and thanks again for your email. It was great to hear from you.


  2. How cool is that! I love what you came up with and I have to believe the client was too! It shows what a pro you are when you can pull it together with only 3 days notice!

  3. Hello Lori:
    I am Carol (on the East Coast - Truro, NS to be exact) and I have recently discovered your blog. Oh My Goodness!!! You are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing what you do so beautifully. I have started trying my own tablescapes, as well as collecting different colours of plates and glasses to coordinate with different themes and seasons. I will continue to follow your blog for more ideas. Thanks again!

  4. ok... now I am totally inspired to host a garden party ( if it ever stops raining). Everything is just so beautiful!!!

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  6. Great job! It looks absolutely perfect!

  7. I am visiting from Grace at Home. You are the link before me.

    This table setting is absolutely stunning! Of course, green is my favorite color, so that is part of why I find it so appealing.

    Patti @ Celebrating Our Days

  8. Its beautiful! Loves garden!

  9. You did a fabulous job! I especially love the checkered tablecloth. The green lanterns match perfectly. I'm sure her guests were thrilled! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Hi Lori,
    I love this Garden Party Tablescape & would really like to do it for a ladies dinner next month. Would you mind me asking where you got the green checkered tablecloth & the green lanterns. Thank you.


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