Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Cabana Time!

With the warmer weather, I'm anxious to start enjoying meals out in our little cabana again. Today, I'm sharing some of the tablescapes I've created there in the past. 
I hope you will tell me which one is your favourite.

Below is a grape-themed luncheon for four. This was before we got our new table/chair set but I did like the coziness of the round table we had back then.

I am not a big fan of melamine/plastic plates or acrylic glasses and no longer buy them as I prefer "the real thing" even for dining outside. However, I did have this set and liked the grape design on the plates and glasses.

The centerpiece is made up of a tall rectangular vase with a purple pillar candle inside. I surrounded it with faux greenery and grapes.

Below is our new patio furniture with a rectangular table and six chairs (only 4 shown). 
  This tablescape is a mixture of melamine and "real" plates in a brown/yellow and green colour combo.

We have neighbours (good ones!) close by on one side but....

...fortunately, no one has ever bought the property behind us in the 25 years we have lived here and we still have a lovely wooded area for our backyard view.

Below was a "Summer Whites" tablescape I created last summer thanks to inspiration from Cuisine Kathleen and her blog party last June.

I used my square white dishes with just a touch of colour in the hydrangea centerpiece.

Below, you will see "Christmas in July", a fun meme that Felecia at Playing with Dishes hosted last summer.

To really stress the "July" part of it, I created my tablescape outside in our cabana.  I hauled out some of my Christmas dishes and decorations.

Can you see my "candelier" all lit up?  I put some faux poinsettias around it for the occasion.

Here is a Summer Birthday BBQ we hosted for my sister-in-law last summer.

Plates and placemats in bright bold colours added to the festive mood.
 Thanks for stopping by to look at my various tablescapes created in our little cabana.  Which one was your favourite?  Of course, I'm linking up to Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. oh, oh, oh, I just can't decide which one I like the best. I really like the violet, but the one with the amber glasses is gorgeous - oh they are all so pretty. Thanks for sharing this post. I feel the same way about 'plastic' dishes, but they sure do have some darling patterns these days.

  2. Hello,
    I really enjoyed this post. I will have to say the first lavender tablescape is my fav. I just always love the lavender ones. Such a pretty color. 2nd choice is the second amber one.
    I have been thinking about getting a cabana and would appreciated your thoughts on one. What knd of floor does your have? Do you take the top off in winter? Has the top held up good for you?
    Mildew or any other problems?
    I am trying to decide to build a permanent structure or go with one of these, which would definitely be much cheaper. Yours is very pretty!

  3. So beautiful tablescapes you create, all have a special touch, but I'm in love with the first one.


  4. I just love the Christmas in July table but I think my favorite (if I HAVE to chose one) is the lavendar one! So pretty but then they ALL are!!! XO, Pinky

  5. Hi DD!
    That looks so pretty! I love the lavenders..Do you have hydrangea in bloom already? Mine won't bloom for another 3 weeks or so..
    Love the table!
    What ever happened to PD?

  6. Everything is so pretty! My favorites are the whites - so elegant, and the lavender (first one). The Christmas in July is pretty neat too. What a lovely place to dine, relax, have tea, drink a glass of wine....enjoy your summer!

  7. How fun! They're all beautiful; I can't decide. Maybe the Christmas in July because I remember the original post.


  8. What a great setting -- gosh, I love them all -- I don't think I could pick a favorite -- thanks for such a great tabletop tour!

  9. WOW! Beautiful tables...I thought the white was my favorite until I saw the black with the poinsettias, those plates a stunning!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. everything is beautiful, enjoyed my visit very much

  11. They are all so lovely, love your creativity...I think the lavender one is so unusual love it..

  12. It looks like you really enjoy your cabana! I'm new to blogging and was wondering if there would be Christmas in July themes, love it!

  13. They are all very wonderful! But, I love #2 the best. Love how it fits with the yard and how well everything goes together.

  14. They're all so pretty! I think my two favorites are the one with the grape plates -- love the purple glassware -- and the all-white one with the hydrangeas -- so elegant!

  15. Oh My! They are all so pretty, and I love your cabana. Love the soft colors in the grape theme tablescape, but then the all white is beautiful too. If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the Christmas in July. Love your candelier, and the pop of those plates with the red on them. What a fun place to set a table. laurie

  16. it's tooo awesome..
    love your creativity.. great effort..
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  17. What a wonderful yard and cabana - no wonder you are so inspired. Thanks for sharing all the tables with us! My favorite is the first one with the grapes, but I really love them all!

  18. its too romantic & awesome Arrangement i wanna Come there :-)

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  21. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    I love them all! Its so funny that I came across this site while doing a search for a beach tablscape. I always thought I was a bit strange for wanting lots and lots of diferent dishes. I always gave away old sets to get new ones cuz my husband said I was nuts for wanting to keep them all. So I recently sat him down while I searched and found "Where do you keep them all?" and the look on his face was priceless!!! I turned to him and said "You think I have a lot of dishes? I have a lot of catching up to do!" I can now collect to my hearts content cuz I know I'm not nuts!!!!!! LOL

  22. Ah, beautiful, pure, white. This so pretty and my favorite in all of its simplicity Love the hydrangeas for the little hint of color. You are a table scape artist...still slobbering over these settings. Thank you for the ideas. Decgal

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