Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine Treasures

I was so excited to see these lovely Valentine bottles/vases in a local antique store window the other day.  I went inside to inquire about the price but there wasn't one on any of them.  The lady working there said she couldn't sell them as they belonged to someone else who sold things there.  I was somewhat miffed - after all, why have items in a storefront window if they are not for sale!  Nevertheless, I returned to the store a few days later and asked a different clerk about them as there still was no price visible.  She phoned the lady at home and found out they were $5.99 each and I quickly snapped up all four!

I know they are not antiques but I've never seen anything like them around here. They did have a "Dollarama" sticker on the bottom so I've probably paid way too much but I really wanted them!

I put some white tulips and red carnations in them and tried them out as vases. Wrapped and curled white ribbon around the necks. 
(Sorry for the blurry pictures, should have got out my tripod!)


 We have a special service at our church this Sunday to install our new pastor so I took them over there and used them as a centerpiece for the potluck which will follow.
Shown here as a grouping but I moved one to each table.
You will no doubt see them in many more Valentine tablescapes to come.  I tried putting white mini-lights inside one and it looked pretty neat too!


kristin said...

i love what you did with yours! I got a red and a clear one at goodwill a few weeks ago for .99 cents each and they have a cork topper in them, i put those cinnamon hearts in there though and just set them out.. I really like your idea though, I just might have to steal that!

Kathleen said...

They are pretty, DD...Someone I know who lives in Canada posted ones she got recently in the you know what store! But if was a charity thrift shop think of it as a donation!
I love what you did with them!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What could be prettier than white and red flowers in such sweet vases.


Pinky said...

I LOVE the tulips and carns in the hearts! Best idea for sure!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog for the first time. I have to agree with you. Those red bottles are gorgeous. I just love them. I don't think you paid too much for them. I would have been trying to outbid you. You've displayed them in such a stunning way! Rosie

Patriotic Mom said...

Pretty bottles and the addition of the curled ribbon is great! Joan