Sunday, December 1, 2019

Christmas Mantel and Fireplace

I thought I'd show you how I've decorated my mantel and fireplace for Christmas this year.  I had a lot of fun putting this Santa themed look together.  The best part was it was budget friendly as I didn't buy anything new for it except the ribbon in the garland.

I had wanted to use a sign as the focal point on the fireplace but didn't want to start shopping for something so I went with this North Pole sign I got at Walmart last year.  At first, I thought it was too small but as I built up the decor around it, I realized it was the perfect size.

This vintage woodland Santa with skis took centerstage on the mantel.  I wrapped two empty boxes as gifts to place beside him.

I placed a deer on each side of Santa.

They were each given a red scarf around their neck.

A tree was set on each end of the mantel.  If you look close, you can see the white battery pack for the lights I wound into the mantel scene is placed in the pot behind the tree.

Garland with lights and ribbon was attached to the fireplace by winding pieces of it around some screws that Mr Delight placed on the front and sides of the stone.  The screws are there year round and help with lots of my decorating ideas.  :)

Another helpful idea he had was to place a curtain rod under the mantel.  Here, I've wound garland around it and it holds two stockings. The battery pack for those lights is hidden inside the top of one of the stockings.

The hearth below the mantel got a few Christmas touches as well.

My trusty hearth lantern was filled with a Christmas candle ring placed around a faux candle.

On the other side of the hearth, sits a wire basket filled with birch logs and some faux greenery. 

Although the fire is gas, I like the illusion that is created by having real wood next to the fireplace.

Three white stars were hung from the garland at the top of the fireplace to create a night sky look for Santa at the North Pole.

 Mr Delight made these birch log candleholders which I put together in a tray for a coffee table centerpiece that coordinates with the fireplace decor.

We've been enjoying some cozy fireside gatherings lately and I'm happy to have our fireplace Christmas-ready! 

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  1. Lovely! I think the little tartan touches make it so cozy looking.

  2. So pretty and cozy and warm. I love your basket with the white birch logs and greens. The plaid is so pretty. Love it all.

  3. BEAUTIFUL ! Love all your decor !lOVE the sign ! Also ! LOVE THE LIT TREES ! I have been looking for something just like this ! Can you please tell me where you got them ! Thanks Cindy

  4. Hi there again ! Can you PLEASE tell me where you got your trees ! Thanks ! Cindy

  5. I love it all! So very festive. Hugs an blessings, Cindy

  6. Lori, this is all so cozy and charming. I love your touches of tartan and the way your arched the greens above the mantel. I want to sit in this room and take it all in. Happy Holidays!

  7. So beautiful! I love all the plaid and the basket of wood. Enjoy the holiday season!

  8. Gorgeouss fireplace and mantle for the holidays, Lori. I love the natural, truly Christmas look to it. Merry Christmas.

  9. It all look so pretty, festive and merry! Thanks for sharing at All About Home!

  10. I would like to know more about the curtain rod you have installed under your mantel. I love to decorate this area of my house but with two kids and two cats things often get tugged down so I’m thinking a curtain rod would be an ingenious idea

  11. Hi Aimee, re your comment above - I don't have your email address so have to write my reply here and hope you see it. We bought a standard lightweight short curtain rod and it was placed into two cup hooks on either end of the mantel. It would probably not support a lot of heavy presents inside stockings but it works for decorative purposes. Hope that helps. Lori, Dining Delight


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