Sunday, September 9, 2018

Kitchen Sideboard Traditional Fall Decor

Have you seen all the new ways to decorate for fall that are currently gracing store shelves? It seems there are faux pumpkins and leaves in every colour imaginable from deep purple to pastel pink just to name a few.  Then there are the more neutral looks in white, cream and gray. 

While I enjoy all of these looks and might even give them a try now and then, I always come back to the traditional colours of fall when I decorate for this vibrant season.

So that is how I've decorated my kitchen sideboard for fall this year.

I began with this corner of the sideboard and incorporated my tiered tray.

I got this Thankful & Blessed sign at HomeSense last week.  With Thanksgiving so early this year (Oct 8th) I decided my tiered tray should reflect that holiday.

This Tom Turkey took centerstage on the top tray.

A combination of orange, brown and green items were arranged on the tray.

Beside it, I placed my leaf bowls in anticipation of perhaps some type of pumpkin dessert.  :)

Orange and brown plaid napkins and gold flatware were also displayed.

An orange berry wreath was placed over the metal/wood wall art piece. 

This is the vignette I created on the other corner of the sideboard.

Again, another Thanksgiving appropriate sign was featured.

I placed it on a wooden pedestal and surrounded it with faux fall florals and leaves.

You'll notice I decided to move the mugs over to this corner and I arranged them on a wooden charger.

A few of these faux sugar-coated pumpkins were tucked into various spaces.

And that's a look at how I've decorated this area of my kitchen.

I may change it up before the season's over but for now, I'm liking the ...

traditional colours of fall in my home decor.

How about you?

Are you an oranges, golds & brown fall decor person...

...or are you changing it up this year?

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  1. All the colors are lovely together. I'm big on the traditional colors too, but willing to give others a try. Your tiered tray looks great with the turkey in it. A great idea too since it will take you all the way thru Thanksgiving if you like.

  2. Beautiful!! The color just pops!!!!

  3. Looks wonderful. Your photos are so clear. Great find on the signs.

  4. Fall, and specifically October is pretty much the only time of year I like to use orange! Your traditional colors look wonderful and make me hope that cooler weather and fall colors in nature will be here soon.

  5. LOVE this!! I want to Thank you for posting your beautiful decorations in traditional colors!! It is so warm and inviting!!! I was getting so tired of seeing nothing but white for Fall.... All I could think of was "How Boring" and then I came across your post and you livened things up! So I applaud you!!! To me, this is what Fall is all about!!!

  6. Beautiful colors! I go back and forth from neutral to a lot of color each year. There is so much to work with this time of year!

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  8. I haven't lived with orange since the early 70's...but every time Fall comes around, I wonder why---we don't use it more. I guess it's because it makes Fall decorating so special. Lovely post, from SYS.

  9. Beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  10. Oh your sideboard is so pretty! I love how you styled your tiered tray!

  11. Beautiful fall decor! Happy Fall, Kippi

  12. Lori, I love the way you decorated your beautiful sideboard with all the traditional fall colors! I've chosen you as one of my features this evening on Share Your Style! I hope we see you tonight.

  13. I love the orange, golds, burgundy colors for fall. I have been so disappointed every time I go to someones blog all they have is white pumpkins. They don't have much decor either. Traditional pumpkins are orange, not white... I was pretty sure I could count on you to have the orange colors!!
    Love It!!! I also wish we had Thanksgiving earlier..ours is Nov. 22.

  14. It looks great. Very festive.

  15. You have such a gift, Lori! Just gorgeous!

  16. SO pretty! I'm with you--I love the traditional Fall colors. I love the way you've made giving thanks your theme--appropriate not just for November, right?

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party. I'm featuring you this week!

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  18. Thank heavens!!! I knew I could count on you for lovely colors, and beautiful decorations!! I enjoyed every picture, and you have given me some ideas for the décor I SHOULD be doing! Hubby's family will gather at our home for T-giving, and while it is a couple months away.....I am old and slow and better get in gear!!!
    Thank you for posting and letting me know that I am not the only red/gold/brown/orange fall colors lover :^)


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