Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer is Made for Nights Like These

If you are reading this, thanks for checking in. This summer is whizzing by and I haven't been posting much lately. We have had such fabulous weather this year, being on a computer hasn't been high priority for me. 
It's been great having family and friends over on these warm summer evenings. We have been able to enjoy our cabana area and backyard to the fullest.
I hope you'll check back in a couple weeks when I'll share some of the entertaining pics/ideas I've come up with this summer as well as an exciting family announcement.
Thanks for stopping by!
  Hope you are having a great summer!


  1. It looks as if you are really enjoying your Summer. I have only had four posts since the beginning of June. No biggie, I don't blog for a living so it doesn't matter much. I do miss seeing your beautiful tables but I am sure come Fall you will be delighting us with your wonderfully creative tables again.

  2. With an outdoor space like that, I wouldn't be wasting my time indoors on the computer, either!!! I'm surprised you even took the time out to post this! Get your little hips on back out there and enjoy this beautiful weather in that gorgeous space while you can!!! Ticktock, lady!!! :-)

    See you soon!

  3. Beautiful Summer entertaining!
    Thanks so much for sharing . . . and welcome back!


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