Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hubby Cooks, I Play

Last week, Mr. Delight decided he wanted to invite my parents over for one of his fabulous impromptu dinners.  I love it when he does this as he does ALL of the cooking and all I have to do is come up with a tablescape on short notice.  Here's a look at how he "worked" and I "played".

I wanted to use my Gibson Grandiflora dishes which are a "spring-like" pink and green.  Seafood is on the menu so we needed the butter warmers and shell-shaped plates for shells.

I needed a simple and small centerpiece as our round table is not very large. Floating candles in a glass bowl with floating butterfly "confetti" surrounded by some faux greenery and florals seemed appropriate.
Since there were only four of us, we placed the table in front of the fireplace for a cozy setting.

Each side of the table looks a bit different in that we have mismatched wingback chairs but they are so comfy for intimate dining that I didn't care.
 Another view.  You will note that I use gold vinyl placemats (cut in half) under the butter warmers to prevent drips on the tablecloth!
Since I know who likes white wine and who likes red, I used only the appropriate glasses on this small table.
And here's the "work" Mr. Delight created....
Crab, Shish kabobs with beef and veggies, baked potato and asparagus.  He also made a tossed salad to start and yogurt and strawberry parfait for dessert but I forgot to get a picture of those.  SUPER DELICIOUS!
We all had a wonderful evening! It is so nice to have a hubby who cooks and allows you to feel like a guest in your own home! 
  Do you ever get to do the tablescape while someone else cooks?
I'll be linking this up to Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on The Porch.


  1. That's a sweet deal, hubby cooks, you play. I'm a single nester so no, I don't have that bonus. Very pretty tablescape. xo,

  2. How lucky for you to have someone to cook such a magnificent meal for you. How luck for him to have someone prepare such a beautiful table for him.

    Hope to see you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Your table is beautiful, love the pinks! And the dinner looks fantastic! I'm sure you all had a lovely time:@)

  4. You can send Mr. Delight to cook for me anytime! I'm a big seafood lover myself! How nice that you do this on the spur of the moment and that he cooks. Your table looks lovely and I'll bet sitting in those chairs makes sitting for a bit and talking much more comfortable.

  5. That is such a sweet "springy" table. I love your dishes. Mr. Delight did a fabulous job on your meal. It looks delish!!!

  6. Your table is beautiful...I love the setting and know what you mean by not overloading a small round table with unnecessary glasses. I've learned that lesson as well!!!

    The colors are beautiful and your centerpiece is perfect! (may have to steal that idea!!). The food looks delicious. You are lucky to have a chef in the house!!

  7. Hi lovely lady. Your Tablescape is Beautiful!!! love the colors pink and Green together. I have you on my sidebar becouse I follower you sweet lady. I hope you can come see my new Tablescape. Hoping you have a Great Week.

  8. Wow, how lucky for you! Love your cozy table by the fire, so much more fun! Your meal looks & sounds wonderful~

  9. It turned out wonderful. The most my husband has ever cooked for me is Kraft Dinner and hot dogs for my birthday. Otherwise, he will happily wash whatever fine china, silver and crystal that I wish to dig out. And he helps with pressing the linens.

    But.... my mother loves to cook and we have friends who love to cook, so occasionally someone else does the cooking while we do the table setting.

  10. Beautiful the china.

  11. DD, that looks beautiful. I love the dishes, the tablescape is lovely! Dinner looks good too! Keep DH!

  12. Dinner looks absolutely delicious and your tablescape is so pretty and just right for 4 people. I like the way you used the mats under the butter warmers. Very smart. How nice that your hubby cooks. Mine doesn't cook, but he's great at cleaning up after the meal.
    Have a great weekend,

  13. That looks very tasty and very pretty! Love the candles floating. Thanks for coming by.


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