Thursday, December 30, 2010

All The Best for 2011

Happy New Year to All!  
 I have always considered New Year's Day as part of  Christmas and am so surprised when I read about how many people have already started taking down their Christmas decorations!!  It seems so strange to me when you consider the amount of time and energy that goes into putting them up.  
Mr. Delight and I are firm believers in celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas (and even longer!) and we are only on the 6th Day right now!

With that in mind, I'm showing my Christmas Tablescape which many of our guests said could double as a New Year's 'scape because of the white/black & silver colour combo I used.  

We had 12 guests for dinner and it was a challenge to have a sit down meal but we were determined.

By using two tables linked by some plywood Mr. Delight cut with a rounded edge (covered by tablecloths) and some stacking chairs from our church, we were able to fit everyone in nicely.

I used 5 light-up Christmas trees, 3 glittery ones and 2 shiny silver ones down the length of the table.

Clear Christmas tree plates were used for dinner buns or some guests put their salad on them.

I alternated between black and silver chargers at each  place setting.

My shiny silver penguin on a silver tray  with two other trees served as the main centerpiece.

Some other views...

Rather than passing so many dishes around the "over-decorated" table, we opted to have everyone take their plate and help themselves to the food served buffet-style on our island and kitchen table.

Wishing you all the best in 2011! 
And remember, there's no rush to take down those decorations!  Sit back and enjoy them for awhile!

Acrylic napkin rings - Avon
Acrylic light-up Christmas Trees - Avon, Cooper's Foods and Sears catalogue
Glilttery Silver Trees - Home Hardware
Silver Penguin - Home Hardware
Shiny Silver Trees - Pharmasave Drug Store
White Plates - Pier 1
Clear Christmas Tree Plates - Pharmasave Drug Store


Anita said...

Love, love, love it!! I agree with you that they go together and there is no way I'll go to all the trouble to put so much up then take it down Dec. 26. After all, it's just turned winter and winter needs some color and light! We drove through town last night and no one had their lights on, and it was so depressing and dark. This is definitely a great NY table too. I love that you serve buffet style. I have found that it works best for us to and I do it all the time here. I love your silver trees...I had to paint pine cones. Maybe I can find some on after Christmas clearance. Gorgeous table!! Happy New Year!!


Just gorgeous and elegant! I love your clear bread plates, your chargers are great, the dishes are beautiful and the whole decor. Your guests were very lucky to share your table with you and the delicious food. I wish I were one too! Hope you visit my blog too, I'll be honored.
Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous new year.

All The Pretty Dishes said...

I love this tablescape. I like how you put the trees down the center of the table, they look so festive - and I love the little glass christmas tree in the center of each plate.

Madame Meg said...

Ooh, you have a really pretty sparkly table for the holidays, too! I tried to get everyone to serve themselves off the buffet last year, but I think I have a spectacularly lazy family as there was much grumbling about having to get up for seconds. I'm glad it worked for you, though, because dining at that table certainly looks worth it!
Thanks so much for stopping by my place!
: ) Meg

Dreamgoddess said...

What a stunning table! I love all the trees you've used and the silver penguin is a beauty. I agree with you about Christmas decorations...I don't even want to think about taking them down yet!

Cathy said...

GREAT Table. I love all the light-up trees. First time visitor and will return. I feel as you do and my decorations do not come down till after the 1st.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love this table! Gorgeous and very glam! I also wait to take down my decorations! I believe in the twelve days of Christmas also. I do start taking down some items on New Years day but don't strip the house of all the decorations! Happy New Year. Linda

Denise said...

Very 1940s I think! Sort of Art Deco. Just love the look. (There's that silver penguin I love so much!)

I have everyone serve themselves too. If they're too lazy to get up for seconds after I spent a couple of days cooking, then to heck with them!
Actually, I've also found that putting the food on the kitchen peninsula is better than using the buffet. I can "sneak" in and quietly start of condense dishes and put things in the dishwasher without looking like I'm trying to rush my guests.

Love those light-up trees.
Have a wonderful New Year's Eve.

Lori E said...

Ohmygosh that is a gorgeous table. You didn't let anyone mess it up with food did you?

NYCLQ said...

Yes!! This could also be perfect for New Years! I love all the wintery frosted elements ~ and the tree grouping with your tree glass dishes!

Thanks for sharing over at Susan's Tablescape Thursday link party!

xo Lynda

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

What a gorgeous table! It's been awhile since we had 12 people around our table! Happy New Year!

Donnie said...

What a pretty table. Your plates are lovely. Everything was stunning. Happy New Year.

Scribbler said...

Pretty! I couldn't agree more about people snatching down the decorations the day after Christmas.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello my friend...

Oohh...I just had to come back to see your beautiful Christmas/New Years table! I really do love all that silver...sooo sparkly and magical! I just adore your place settings...sooo pretty! Ohhh..and I love your table centerpiece! You did a fabulous job on providing a table large enough for that many guests! BRAVO!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us...this was such a treat!!!

I am with you, my friend...we are still enjoying Christmas at our place! I will leave all the decor until January 6th or so! I refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving so really it hasn't been up all that long!

Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and beautiful home and tablescapes with us this past year! I'm looking forward to 2011 at Dining Delight! Wishing you and your family blessings for a Happy New Year!

Chari @Happy To Design

Luncheons at the Junction said...

Absolutely lovely! Your guests must have been charmed. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year. Loook forward to more of your beautiful postings in 2011.

Kathleen said...

How beautiful this looks! I am late getting to last weeks posts, the grinch left me the virus!
Love all the sparkle, DD! Very festive!
And your mom's shelf looks soooo pretty!

Sempeanka said...

Incredible table !

Stewardess said...

Dear Dinning Delight,
We loved your post so much we featured it in our Christmas Table Setting Ideas article.
Wishing you a very merry Christmas
The Stewardess Bible.

Frank Kepner said...

Hi how are you? Frank K. Here. Just wanted to say. Thank you for doing what you do on your blogspot website.

You've inspired my wife, mom and two aunts to decorate throughout the year.