Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Easy and Versatile Centerpieces Every Time

Do you ever struggle trying to come up with the perfect centerpiece for your tablescape? 
After all, the centerpiece is a very important aspect of table setting.  
It can't be too big or too small, too short or too tall.   
I've created many centerpieces for my tablescapes over the years, some of them more labour intensive than others. 
However, if you want a VERY EASY and VERSATILE centerpiece, I highly recommend that you start with a trio of glass vases with inserts. 

I've seen many variations of them for anywhere from $24 to $50 (Canadian) sold at various decor stores.  
The first set I got was called "TRIO" by Dansk Gifts (here) which I purchased at a local gift boutique.
  I never looked back! In fact, I've bought three more sets over the years as well as some larger sets.
There are so many ways to decorate them as you will see below.

Here are the 3 glass vases

And the three inserts

I prefer the trio sets that have flat bottoms on the inserts like these. The rounded bottom ones don't allow you to use the inserts separately as they won't sit on a flat surface.

The inserts are usually placed in the tops of the 
glass vases

These small glass votive holders don't come with the trio but can be purchased at any Dollar/decor store.

It is best to put some decorative sand/beads, etc to anchor the votive holder in the insert.
Now, you are only limited by your imagination! Look around your house and see what you can display in the glass vases!
Here are some seasonal displays I've made over the years.

Faux ice, mini red beads and some Valentine garland are all you need for this one.

The trio in previous picture is nestled in some faux roses in a shallow basket/tray for a romantic Valentine centerpiece.

Gold mini beads and faux florals inside the vases are surrounded by faux gold grapes and placed on a white Battenburg doily creating a small centerpiece for a round table.

Similar idea using St. Pat's Day decor inside vases and surrounded by leprachauns and gold coins.

A Spring centerpiece is created here with faux tulips arising from faux snow inside the bottom of the vases.

Add a bunny on the side and you have an Easter display.

For a more summery look, I placed faux grass balls and pebbles inside the bottoms and sand anchors the votive holders in the inserts up top. Mr. Froggy completes the look.

Fresh yellow roses in separate vases surround the trio as decorated in the previous pic creating a new look for the centerpiece.

Above, I used two vases from two sets placing them on each end of the table.  I put water, blue glass beads and floating candles in the top inserts with sand and shells in the bottoms.
Here is an easy Thanksgiving centerpiece I created a couple years ago.  Hollow out a hole big enough for the vases in three pumpkins (remove seeds).  Place vases filled with faux leaves in the bottoms and glass beads/votives in the tops in the holes.

Fall is a fun time to use the vases - so many things to place inside!

Some jack-o-lantern votive holders are placed in tops of vases for a Halloween display.
Christmas balls/beads and floating candles placed inside and a spray of the faux-snow-in-a-can make the perfect buffet centerpiece when placed beside the snowman family.

IThe trio of glass vases can even help you ring in the New Year! Here, I filled them with gold balls and gold-glitter-thread with floating gold candles on top. Add some other elements that look glitzy and place on a gauzy/tulle type material spread over white mini-lights and voila, a festive centerpiece for your midnight snack buffet!

Have I convinced you that you NEED a trio of glass vases with inserts?

I'll be linking up to TT hosted by Susan at BNOTP . Be sure to check out all the gorgeous fall tablescapes she has gathered together for you!


  1. Great ideas and very versatile candle holders!

  2. oh my word! I love that, I ma the offical decorator for our church & can't tell you the totes of table decore I have LOL I'm amazed at how that insert stays at the top LOL

  3. These are wonderful!

  4. Very, very pretty and versatile.


  5. Very cute and wonderful ideas! So versatile!...Christine

  6. Thank you for the great centerpiece idea and all the examples. You are an artist with those vases. Each display is so unique and beautiful!

  7. Ok - I'm convinced! What great inspirations.

  8. This is a great tutorial. You show so many different ways to use them. I have the vases, but no inserts. I got mine during the "float a candle" phase of decorating and I still use them in various ways. I do like the inserts.

  9. Yes, I am convinced! I don't think I've ever seen those, or if I have, I didn't have the imagination to envision all the possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. So many great ideas! I know I have some of those in the back of my linen closet. I need to go find them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. those are some awesome ideas, I love it all.

  12. Thanks for showing so many ways to use the the pumpkins and especially the christmas silvers!

  13. Great ideas, pretty simple, too. I could have used the one with the roses as a centerpiece for my TT this week!

  14. Talk about multifunctional vessels! I love it when you find something you can use over and over and have it appear different each time.

  15. Okay, I'm convinced. I'll start looking for my trios immediately. You've gotten amazing mileage out of this valuable design element. I'm so glad that you've done such an effective job of archiving. Thank you for sharing your charming designs. Cherry Kay

  16. Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a wonderful comment! I followed you back and I have to say I am so glad I did!! Your tablescapes are out-of-this-world incredible!! So very beautiful!! I am so inspired to pay more attention to my table settings. Thank you so much for adding me to your side bar..I am adding you to my sidebar as well! Your blog is SUCH a feast for the eyes! Angie xo

  17. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I am always trying to come up with centerpeices. I just convinced myself I need more stuff! lol Have a great weekend!

  18. These are great! I love all your ideas. Yes, you have convinced me!

  19. Wonderful!!!! thanks for sharing. This was very inspiring.

  20. OMGosh...these are many many different looks.
    I wish I could set such a pretty table..I just fly by the seat of my pants when coming up with a centerpiece..
    Loved seeing all these different pretty ways...
    xo bj

  21. Beautiful, DD! They are certainly versatile! I don't remember seeing those when we had a Dansk outlet here. I think I have everything else though! I miss it!

  22. I have never seen these before. They are very versatile and you have shown us so many great ideas using them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Oh Yes! You have definitely convinced me! What wonderful centerpieces you have created with them! Each arrangement is beautiful. I am defnitely going to be looking for a set (or maybe two sets) of these! Thank you for all of the inspiration in this post. laurie

  24. I love your tablescapes. What an inspiration. So I have to ask, where can I find a set of TRIOS in the United States?

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