Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Shopping the House"

Do you really like shopping the house? This is where, instead of going to stores to purchase things for your tablescapes, you "shop" the house and use items you already own.

I like the idea of shopping the house as it saves money and uses things you have in new ways. However, what I find on removing items from one spot in the house and putting them into a tablescape that I plan to leave up for several days, is that the original spot now has to be redecorated or it drives me crazy. This leads to shopping the house some more to move an item to this spot. It ends up being a never-ending process which involves a lot of time and ultimately, going real shopping to fill the last void. Now, if you don't leave your tablescapes up very long, you can just return the original items to their original places or maybe "empty spots" don't drive you crazy and you can live with "missing decor" so there is no problem. Is is just me?

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Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I like shopping our house, but also like to shop for bargains for tablescapes. I refuse to spend a lot of money, I'm into budget decorating! Tablescape Thursdays has proven it can be done on a budget! So much fun!